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Up Close Tours
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Roller Coaster Insider

Get an insider’s look at how we build and maintain our roller coasters. Take a tour through the Montu service area and walk up to the 80-foot-high braking platform as the coaster zips by at more than 40 miles per hour. Enjoy this different view of Montu’s almost 4,000 feet of track and unique elements, including its record-breaking seven inversions. After the tour get a first-hand feel for how these elements combine for one intense ride with front-of-the-line access and front-row seats. Then enjoy front-of-the-line access to another coaster at Busch Gardens to see how they compare.

Park admission is required to enjoy this amazing experience and is not included.

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Elephant Keeper Experience

Experience what it is like to be a Busch Gardens zookeeper caring for the park’s endangered Asian elephants. You'll learn more about these elephants by touring the state-of-the-art Pachyderm Palace to comprehend the sheer size of these animals as well as the specialized care they require. Your group will help the zoo team prepare elephant-size treats, and try out some of the less glamorous duties as well! It's a unique opportunity to learn more about one of the park's most popular, and definitely largest, animals. The price includes a 90-minute, private experience for up to six people in your party. Available to guests ages 10 and up.

Park admission is required to enjoy this amazing experience and is not included.

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Jungala Insider Tour

Enjoy a 55 minute walking tour through Jungala’s wild side and get an insider's look at how Busch Gardens creates an enriching home for orangutans and tigers. Meet the keepers as they take you behind the scenes to get an intimate peek into the lives of these endangered species. Catch a training or enrichment session and learn how they work with some of the most incredible animals.

Guest From $29.00 Qty

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Elite Adventure

Be a VIP for the day. Your private group will meet with your personal guide and map out your customized Busch Gardens adventure. Set out on an all-day private experience that features front-of-the-line access on most major rides, up-close encounters with animals and also enjoy a relaxing lunch at one of our fine restaurants. It's the ultimate way to experience Busch Gardens.

Adult (10 Years and Up) From $199.00 Qty
Child (Ages 5-9) From $199.00 Qty

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Guided Adventure

This is the ultimate do-it-all, see-it-all VIP package. Join one of our top-notch guides for a 360-degree experience that lets you sample the entire range of experiences at Busch Gardens. Enjoy front-of-the-line access to most major rides. Before you've had your fill of all the action-packed fun, stop by for lunch at one of our Family Favorite restaurants. Then get ready for an unforgettable adventure on our popular Serengeti Safari as you explore the veldt on an open-truck expedition that takes you up close to giraffe, zebras, antelope and some of the amazing animals who share our world.

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Serengeti Safari Tour

Feeding giraffes and antelopes… witnessing the wild beauty of zebras and storks in their natural environment… this can’t be Tampa Bay… but it is! The Serengeti Safari Tour magically transports you to the wild and wonderful world of the Serengeti Plain as your tour guide relates secrets and stories of this amazing habitat. Children must be ages 5 and up to participate.

Park admission is required to enjoy this amazing experience and is not included.

Ages 5 And Up From $19.00 Qty

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Heart of Africa Tour

Journey into the Heart of Africa during this 90 minute unique walking tour and get close to hippos, cheetahs and lions - some of the most intriguing animals in Africa. Meet the keepers and join them behind the scenes to truly appreciate the size, strength and intelligence of these amazing animals.

Adult From $39.00 Qty

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Keeper For A Day Tour

With the Keeper for a Day experience, you’ll live your dream of caring for some of the world’s most exotic animals including giraffes, antelopes, and birds. Work side-by-side in the morning with the mammal experts and then spend the afternoon with the Avian experts to understand what it’s like to care for these amazing creatures. Get an intimate look at feeding and behavior patterns and work with the animals just like the pros do. There’s nothing like coming face-to-face with these beautiful animals—so reserve your space now to become a Keeper for a Day.

Ages 13 And Up From $249.00 Qty