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SeaWorld San Diego’s Dolphin Encounter

Here’s your chance to touch, feed and train a dolphin without having to get into the water. This exclusive trainer guided encounter brings you up close to our animals without having to slip into a wetsuit and introduces you to bottlenose dolphin natural history, conservation efforts, and training techniques.

48 Inches & Up From $45 Qty
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SeaWorld San Diego's Dolphin Interaction Program

You’ve always wanted to do it and now’s your chance—jump in the water with SeaWorld’s friendliest dolphins and interact nose-to-nose with these amazing creatures. Once you put on your wetsuit and booties you’ll be ready to splash around with your new friends as you practice with them, feed them lunch and just touch their smooth glistening skin. Don’t miss this wonderful, wet opportunity to fulfill a special dream for you and your family.

Participant From $215.00 Qty